FOMO Is Real

8-11 AUGUST 2024
Vancouver, BC, Canada

FATALE is a future-focused ideas festival that unites us in a symphony of creativity, technology, and visionary thinking.

The Future of Art, Technology & An Alternative Living Experiment

Thought leaders, innovators, and trailblazers are converging on Vancity in August 2024 for a groundbreaking event that will disrupt industries and redefine our collective future.

Not Your Parent's Conference

FATALE goes beyond inspiration and just talk. This is where bleeding-edge ideas become revolutionary ventures fueled by technology, creativity, and social change.✨ Dazzling performances and installations
🔊 Thought-provoking talks and workshops
🌉 Iconic venues in beautiful Vancouver
🌎 Community of creatives and innovators
💡 Experiences that challenge and inspire

System Disruptors

💥Changemakers and visionaries
💥Renowned artists and designers
💥Serial entrepreneurs and leaders
💥More paradigm shifters TBA
This is not a spectator sport. FATALE is an exclusive crucible for those ready to level up the world, establish deep connections, and leverage cutting-edge innovations.

Save the Date

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Be part of the inner circle driving the future forward. Don't let this limited-access gathering accelerate without you.

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